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A high-tech medium-sized company from Stuttgart has difficulty finding a sufficient number of qualified applicants. He has a hard time competing against the "radiance" of the big competitors, whereas the benefits for his employees can measure up. If someone comes in for an interview, he or she can score points in getting to know the company in person. But it gets that far too rarely.

The medium-sized company is looking for a solution to convince suitable candidates of its merits in a way that is appealing and can be implemented quickly.

The medium-sized company has now integrated Sally on its careers page. It also distributes access points to Sally at career days and in active approaches on social networks. The implementation took only one afternoon. The relevant information could be entered independently.

With the help of Sally, interested parties can now immediately check whether they are a good match for the position on offer. They check their personal strengths and match the work culture with their expectations. They interactively explore the new employer.

Since the medium-sized company started using Sally, it has received more qualified applications. Word of the new approach gets around. And so the medium-sized company is finally perceived as the innovative and appreciative employer it is.

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More qualified applications