Innovation nuggets

Free web seminars for HR professionals

Marina Eckert, Sklls Gründerin

nugget /ˈnʌɡ-ɪt/  

"Big ideas broken down into small bites with practical relevance, that's Innovation Nuggets." 

The world of work is in a state of flux. New ideas are needed to meet the demands for individualization, flexibility and digitalization. 

In addition to our articles in the blog News on Sklls, we also regularly offer free Innovation Nuggets for all HR managers, HR professionals and other HR enthusiasts. These are crisp web seminars in which we present our and other exciting thoughts and solutions in 30 minutes. 

Our web-seminars are held in German. If you wish to get to know our products in English, please contact

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How do Sklls' web apps work and how do companies incorporate them: 

Introducing Sally: How does virtual coaching work? 

Hiwe're Sklls and we've developed Sally, the virtual business coach. The most common question we get in response is "...and how does that work?" 

We answer that question in this free Sklls web seminar. Founder Marina Eckert will show you how Sally operates. How she empowers your employees to develop their own solutions to your problems and build their soft skills. Always following the motto "help them to help themselves". 

She also introduces you to the benefits Sally offers and how companies integrate her.

Duration: 30 min 


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