Fewer irrelevant applications

Culture check of the applicants
Self-selection of the candidate
Time saving in the application process

A Munich-based management consultancy receives a large number of applications for its junior position. It benefits from its good reputation. However, very few of them really know what the day-to-day work entails. Juniors assist on client projects from the very beginning. They have to learn a lot quickly. Due to the many trips, it is difficult to ensure continuous support. This requires courage and tolerance for uncertainty. Finding out who really has "what it takes to be a consultant" takes a lot of time.

The consultancy is looking for a solution to find out as quickly and early in the process as possible who fits in culturally and motivationally, in order to reduce the time and effort involved in pre-selection.

The consultancy now integrates Sally into all its job postings. She was able to enter all the relevant information on her own.

With the help of Sally, applicants find out what they themselves want and match this with the job. They compare their strengths, what they want from their day-to-day work, and the company's values with their personal expectations. They become aware of these thanks to Sally.

Since The Consultancy uses Sally, it receives fewer irrelevant applications, which saves it time. As a result, the consultancy can fill its junior position more efficiently and use the freed-up capacity on other hard-to-fill positions.

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Fewer irrelevant applications